My sessions are designed to be relaxed, natural...and, dare I say, FUN! No stress allowed!

Little Ones: You are welcome to bring a wardrobe change and any special props like books, toys, blanket, etc. I specialize in candid shots, and I strive to capture the entire range of a child's expressions. There is so much more to a little one than his/her smile! I have plenty of ideas, but I'd love to know your preferences in advance. For example, do you like basic color photos or artistic shots? Are there particular things you hope to capture like tight close-up or full length standing.

Please be sure to check out my site and see if there are any specific shots you love. With young children, there are never any guarantees...but I strive to achieve the portraits you desire, and then some! Although the photo session only takes about an hour, I will spend many hours editing the raw photos to achieve precious keepsakes for your family.

Seniors: Your senior session is meant to showcase your style and your personality. All sessions are on location and you can choose up to 2 locations and as many wardrobe changes as you like, but remember that the more time you spend changing, the less time we have to shoot. If you are not sure where to go, I can suggest different locations to you. Bring props...bring pets...bring furniture! Bring WHATEVER! This session is all about you and your style. I love to be different. I many ask you to jump around or lay on the ground. Just be prepared to have fun! I look forward to working with you and customizing your session! I book up about 2-3 months in advance so schedule your session TODAY!

Brides: I am so proud of my brides, proud of their trust in my ability to document their wedding, and proud they chose me as their wedding photographer. One of the first things that a lot of my brides notice is that I never stop talking. I'm always giving instructions. I'm always joking. I'm really just trying to lighten the mood. Really what I'm doing is I am trying to establish a rapport between myself and my client to create absolutely stunning images. On top of that, I found that if i can just give them a look on the back of the camera and show them the spectacular photos that we are actually getting then I feel like they trust me more. They can see what we are creating together and they open up more and feel more comfortable and the photos just come out far more amazing! I'm always asking my brides, what is important to you? What places are special to you and what would you like to do? I don't want my brides to feel like I'm totally in charge of the show. For me, photography is more than taking pictures. It is about life, passion, and capturing every single moment that we have on this earth.

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